Monday, December 15, 2008

Game Reviews and Other News

My semester is finally coming to an end later on tonight. I just have to pull a 9-12 page paper out of my bum tonight and it is over.

On the business side of things, I have arranged for a couple of game reviewers to tear Geek Fight! a new one. One is a podcast while another is a blogger like myself. I think it would be great to have others try out our game and give me a rundown. Everyone that plays it gets addicted, with the exception of people too young to be in our demographic anyway, which is fine since our next set is not very kid friendly.

Another great thing is that I have opened conversations with a couple of people that will be very helpful in the future. One is the president of, a new social network for geeks that is launching next year. The other is the marketing director for a ton of sites (and yes, I checked with the sites he said he reps, and they say he's legit). This is going to get very interesting.

Finally, since my free time is going to increase very soon, I will be able to get back to reviewing games myself. I am still debating going audio for reviews or keeping things written. Only time will tell.