Friday, December 28, 2007

Change is Finally Coming

Well, quite afew things have come to pass that mean that UTTG will definately be coming back in the new year.

I have made a few more alliances with game designers, game producers, and game players. My new FLGS has a few gaming groups that meet there that I can use to try out the games I will be reviewing. I can get some good videos, and there will be no lack of victims... I mean volunteers.

Another thing is that I just bought my third video camera just for this project. That means I will have my main cam that is a 12 megapixel with good video, as well as two 1.3 megapixel cams of varying resolution. You can see all of the angles of the game then.

Finally, I have the one thing my last attempt was missing, a schedule. I know what games I will review, but that will be a surprise for all of you. The only date I do not know, is when I will begin again.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Support Signatures

Coming Soon.

These sigantures will allow you to advertise for me on forums.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Dual Format

I just wanted to let you all know that I have finally come to a decision about how I am going to post my articles.

In order to pull more content from each game and better inform you, I have decided to do articles in both a written format and a video format. I will write out my review, but instead of giving you the boring written rundown I will give you both a simple video demo and and a video of an actual game. Of course, I will not leave the game vid un-edited since I will have to meet size and time requirements and it would just be plain boring to do so. I think I will have to do some kind of play by play like on World Poker Tour with a little of my own style to go along with it (I am more interesting than my first video made out to be, I swear).

In the Month to Come

Well, for my first two vids I will be revisiting Mystical Empire and Draim Arena, since both of them have some interesting developments and just all around nice people working with them.

After I get those out of the way, I have enough free demo .pdf files and stuff from my former FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store) that I can do about six or so weeks worth of reviews. Then my new FLGS will be more than happy to supply me with more.

Also, I may have an announcement coming up (the freaking awesome kind). I just need to keep my fingers crossed.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Thinking of going "V"

I think I am going to change this into a Vlog, since I always have my video camera with me, and I can actually record the game play. You can then see how evil I can be in my strategy. If I can find out how to post the vids here without a host, that would be great.

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Reason I Have Been Away

I have not been on here in some time, and I bet all of those readers I have worked so hard to get have left me by now, and I don't blame them in the least. I just wanted to let you know the reasons why.

I have not been making any money here, in fact I am losing money trying to keep up the game reviews. That coupled with the fact taht I do not have the time to even check out the games that I want to review has just shot me in the butt. But there is some good news.

I will not have the time or the money to keep up with this site in the coming up year, even though I will have more time and money. This is because I am designing my own CCG that I hope to take to market in a couple of years, and I need the money to pay artists and printers, and the time to design the cards.

I hope to pop in here and post a couple of reviews now and then, but don't expect anything too fantastic from this little project. The other project is going to rock out loud though.