Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mini Articles Coming... Tomorrow

Well, I am tired of updating about how I need to make some money to make this work, or how I am almost ready to start making relevant posts. I would not be surprised if that is turning off some of my readers.

Instead I am going to start making mini updates. These are not going to be tied to any specific game, but instead something general that is related to gaming. They are not going to be anywhere near as large or in-depth as my main articles, but they will keep the content from getting stagnant.

I will try to post one every Friday. After that I will post them whenever I feel like it. I know there won't be many readers for tomorrow's mini, but I will do it anyhow.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Making some extra cash

Well, I have become desperate for cash. Not just to keep this site afloat, but myself as well. My job is giving me crappy hours, and I still don't know the status of my financial aid (payment is due Tuesday).

I found a few more ways to make cash online, I am just assessing the risks first.

The first way is of course the UTTG shop that I am trying to set up. I have a temp one up, but I am iffy about the layout. I prefer complete creative license.

Another way is to start my own free hosting company. It will only cost me a few bucks a year, and give me a ton of residual income depending.

Last but not least I can set up a GPT site (long story, I used them to fund the start of this site). I would probably make it themed towards gamers. It will cost a little more, since the free walkthrough is no longer online. Very high maintenance though. Could land me $1000 a week. What should I do?

Enough about this. Get me some opponents so I can talk about games again. I know we all miss that.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Shop Set Up

I just set up a free shop on another site. It will not look as good as this site, but I can sell things on there. I will be able to take PayPal, plus there is a donation button on this page.

I will be putting all downloads I have available for you guys posted there too. In fact, my first item is about to be posted. It is a .txt file that will tell you how to help support the site for free! Enjoy!

Edit: I am going to test out more than one shop service. I will be back to announce the official one. At this rate, I may have full freedom with this if I use another site as a host and PayPal as my shopping cart. You won't need a PayPal account to pay me though.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"Oops!" and "Yay!" at the the same time

Well, I accidentally won a CASE of cards for a card game that predates Magic the Gathering. Interesting, since MtG is said to be the first collectible card game. That other game is very collectible. Can't wait for it to get here. I might think of opening a shop on site to sell of the remaining items from the games I review. We'll see.

Monday, January 7, 2008

First Victim Found

Well, I found someone who is up to trying just about any game that I can get my hands on. Maybe I can get my first new article up soon.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Where You Can Find Me Online

Well, this is not my only online activity. I might as well let you guys know where else I can be found so that it will be easier for you to reach me.

Most of you come from various forums that I spam the crap out of (you know who you are ), so I will not list those accounts. But there are other places online too. I will keep updating this list when I add new places. I am trying to reach more readers.

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