Sunday, January 20, 2008

Making some extra cash

Well, I have become desperate for cash. Not just to keep this site afloat, but myself as well. My job is giving me crappy hours, and I still don't know the status of my financial aid (payment is due Tuesday).

I found a few more ways to make cash online, I am just assessing the risks first.

The first way is of course the UTTG shop that I am trying to set up. I have a temp one up, but I am iffy about the layout. I prefer complete creative license.

Another way is to start my own free hosting company. It will only cost me a few bucks a year, and give me a ton of residual income depending.

Last but not least I can set up a GPT site (long story, I used them to fund the start of this site). I would probably make it themed towards gamers. It will cost a little more, since the free walkthrough is no longer online. Very high maintenance though. Could land me $1000 a week. What should I do?

Enough about this. Get me some opponents so I can talk about games again. I know we all miss that.

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