Friday, February 13, 2009

Set 2 Unleashed!

Well, we can finally talk about the super secret set 2! Now known as The Final Battle, we have worked long and hard with James and Doug, as well as many of their fans to bring you a great product.

Go ahead and place your order now while the pre-sale is going on. If you do you will receive first edition cards and the Nerd and Critic cards from your decks will be in beautiful foil!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Geek Fight! Noticed in Japan

Well, I was checking our web traffic last night when we got a couple of hits from a site in Japan. I thought I would investigate, and of course because I do not have the proper character pack installed all I saw was a website of blocks. After running the page through a page translator (which did a horrible job BTW) I found out that we were getting hits from a game review blog. I thought this was very interesting.

I cannot properly tell if it was a good review or a bad review because of the horrid translation job that was done by Google, but there were a few parts of the review that give me hope that they reviewer liked some elements of our little game. The art went over well at least. Plus, the closing statement seemed nice from what Google was telling me.

Anyway, I find it refreshing to know that we are being noticed. I will provide a trackback URL for the blog, since I cannot place a comment on it without being a member of their blogger service (and translated pages pretty much disable the registration page, so I would be going blind). If the owner of that blog finds this one, this is Kalan "Charon" Vazquez and I would love for you to email me at if you have any questions.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Con Badges

I have been talking with a couple of cons about making not only custom hands for their cons, but their actual con badges. I might just have to come up with special discounted rates for cons. We will see where this little idea goes.