Friday, April 25, 2008

What's new with UtTG.

Well, I am not dead. I have been working in the background trying to get my gaming company off of the ground and the video feed ready for future reviews. I am also trying to get a new site up for UtTG. This site is still going to exist as an archive, but I would rather not deal with this service in the future.

I have finally figured out how I am going to set up the video. I am going to get about five webcams with built in lights (solves one problem). I also downloaded demos for a few programs that will let me monitor multiple cams at once and some screen capture software. I am going to set the screen cap software to record the main screen on the monitoring software, and then I can change camera mid game without having to editing together multiple videos.

Well, those are the big updates for now. More in the future, and game reviews this summer.

Friday, April 11, 2008

A Little Short on Content

I know, I am a little late, but there is also the fact that I am going to be a little slack for content. That comes from the fact that I am working my tail off to get this game ready.

I would like to tell you that my game has a name, but I am not going to tell anyone outside of the fold until the first promo is ready.

Also, one of my connections decided that he would like a promo for his magazine. Heck yeah!!! This is turning out to be a great idea.

Friday, April 4, 2008

OMG, an Actual Post!

Well it has been some time since my last real post, and in that time many things have happened. I know I had a few things flub up, but those were personal projects not anything related to this blog or my game.

Like I said last time, the art for my first promo card has come in, and apparently my graphical designer is some kind of wizard since the layout he said would take a week or so was done in less than 24 hours. We are finishing the tweaking, but it is practically perfect.

Another thing that I have done in the time I was away was get a site up for the game. The site is . Bookmark it and keep checking back to see how things are going.

I also think that I have figured out the solution to the video problem. Of course it does mean I have to part with a few bucks to solve it. Thankfully DIving Dragon Games is going to be covering the cost. For all of you who think that means I am selling out, I must tell you the Diving Dragon Games is my company (I don't know why I felt the need to say that, since Diving Dragon Games is plastered everywhere like my email and the hyperlink above).

Finally, in celebration of my new found luck, I will be moving the site to a new address. This ios not going to happen for a couple of months, but I feel it would be a great symbolic gesture. This site will stay up, since I do not feel like moving the archives, and Blogger still has my ancient personal blog that I abandoned years ago up so this site will be cluttering up cyberspace for years to come. I just need to get a domain name now.