Friday, December 28, 2007

Change is Finally Coming

Well, quite afew things have come to pass that mean that UTTG will definately be coming back in the new year.

I have made a few more alliances with game designers, game producers, and game players. My new FLGS has a few gaming groups that meet there that I can use to try out the games I will be reviewing. I can get some good videos, and there will be no lack of victims... I mean volunteers.

Another thing is that I just bought my third video camera just for this project. That means I will have my main cam that is a 12 megapixel with good video, as well as two 1.3 megapixel cams of varying resolution. You can see all of the angles of the game then.

Finally, I have the one thing my last attempt was missing, a schedule. I know what games I will review, but that will be a surprise for all of you. The only date I do not know, is when I will begin again.

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