Friday, January 2, 2009

Set 2, 3, and 4 (plus more services from DDG)

Okay, so things are really starting to speed up here. I got a tour of a new printing plant, and I made a good enough impression that the company is bending over backwards to help us out. I guess having a high charisma score is good for something.

Anyway, the cards for set 2 are done, and we are just waiting for our partners to get us the info for the ad boxes before we get everything together to make the announcement of who we are working with. Of course, feel free to email me and I will tell you who we are working with. Just don't leak it.

We are also going to re-release set 1 in the new card format. This means anyone that acts now and buys some set 1 cards will own limited first edition cards. It is actually pretty tempting to make 1st edition cards the norm, since it was a successful tactic for the PokeMon TCG back when I was a kid.

So we have officially come up with the theme for set 3. This one is not going to be any big secret. Since we are going to be starting our con-tour about the time this set is ready, we are making Artist Alley our next set.

I also have an idea for set 4. I have approached the designers of a pretty fun browser based game to see if they would be willing to work in conjunction with us to produce a new set. They are thinking it over right now, but I think I have them in my clutches. BWAHAHAHA!

I guess the final thing I can talk about is the fact that we are going to hopefully start offering a print service for other card games. We will act as a middleman between ourselves and our super awesome, super secret printing connection. We will also offer several payment methods (including upfront payment and presales), and have other benefits available for those that work with us.

Oh, and before I forget, I also started building up alliances with other indie TCG/CCG design companies, as well as other types of game producers. Sure there are other associations out there, but they don't give the card gamers any love,

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