Friday, March 7, 2008

Operation Publicity Stunt Part 2

Okay, so I said I would be letting all of you know more of the details about O.P.S. today. Well, I am actually up to a point where I can do that.

So, my current project that I call Operation Publicity Stunt is a CCG. Well, not so much a CCG as a BCCG (or is it a CBCG?[or just BCG?]). What does the "B" stand for? Business. That is right. I am making a collectible business card game. Though maybe I should shorten the abbreviation and just call it a business card game (since the idea behind business cards is that you trade them and keep them).

I had this idea when I though about printing out business cards with my site info on them and passing them out at Dragon*Con. Then I though about making them look like CCG cards, which logically led me to making it into a full fledged CCG. It has not even been two weeks, and I have made a lot of progress.

So here is the status of my project:

The set will be comprised of 42 (get it?) cards. There will be 13 commons, 13 uncommons, 13 rares, and 3 promos that you can only get from myself and my reps. Out of all of these cards, I have all of them ready to be assigned their values and get illustrated.

My theme is going to be convention stereotypes. More details on that later.

My rules are in the final stages of tweaking. I just need to sit down and give all of the cards stats and then I can beta. The version of the rules I am including in the packs will the one hand version, though there will be a deck version of the rules that can be found on one of my other sites.

I have found a couple of artists, but they are also acting as a channel of communication to other artists. They are willing to work for free, since the cards will have their name and contact info if a company wants to hire them.

I have also found a printer. I have enough money to get a small run made, but I also have a way to get more money.

The way I am going to get more money is going to remain a secret until I am ready to act on it. Enjoy this spoiler, I hope to have more info for you next week.

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