Friday, February 29, 2008

Operation Publicity Stunt

Well, I know I decided not to do a full fledged drive for traffic until I get my real game reviews up (more of a promise to myself, I never told you). I am still sticking to it, but I had an idea that will probably solve my problem. I have five months...

I have dubbed this project "Operation Publicity Stunt". I came up with this idea less than 72 hours ago. I am going to design a game and get it published in time for Dragon*Con.

What is Dragon*Con? Only the largest gaming convention in the United States!

Of course, if I wanted to this officially, I would have to pay a fee to set up a table in order to display and demo my product. The thing is, I review underground games, so mine should be underground too.

Now, I know my regular readers probably want to know specifics about "O.P.S.". Well, that is not going to happen until I have a finished set and rules. That is when I will be looking for artists. Just so you know, my personal deadline for that stage is next Friday! I am pushing myself extremely hard so that my artists can take their time. I am still trying to find a proper printer, though I do have one in negotiations.

As usual, I am going to tell you that I am still working on getting the videos. When I decided to use game play videos, I only thought about bringing my readers a better medium for learning the games. I did not expect so many setbacks. At least I am not going on hiatus this time.

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