Friday, February 1, 2008

On Token Creatures

I don't know why, I love token creatures. No matter what game I am playing, there is just something about pooping out a little chump blocker that warms my heart.

I constantly find myself planning planning entire decks around generating ridiculous quantities of token creatures. I have been known to bend the laws of physics by producing an infinite number of these little buggers (okay, so I know there is no such thing as infinity in card games. I just pick a number that is really, really big. ).

Be it Magic: the Gathering or Mystical Empire, I love exploiting the means of production in order to create an army out of thin air. Of course, just because I can swarm an opponent does not guarantee victory. In Mystical Empire there is a card that nullifies all damage from creatures with less than four loyalty (if you do not know what that means, check the archives or wait until the re-review in the new and improved format ).

I am still on a quest to find the simplest “infinite” creature combo. The best I have found is in Mystical Empire involving Ring of Zombie Lord (not a typo ) and Vasir, Eternal Dragon. Of course you can only have on Ring and two Vasirs per deck and that just so happens to be the exact amount of each that must be in play, if any one of those is removed from the game... well, you're buggered. If this combo does kick off, the zombies you produce are ready to attack the same turn. So I guess it is worth it.

Now, just because a game does not give you the ability to create token creatures does not mean I do not like it (you can ask my friends in Sweden about that ). However, this ability does allow for a large variety of strategies ranging from a simple “Zerg Rush” (yay, StarCraft reference!) to a deck so complex that it requires a degree in theoretical mathematics to complete one turn (my personal favorite ). Give it a try, you just might like it.

Oh, and for those that have played me in M:tG, I have one word for you. Ornithopter.

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