Thursday, July 19, 2007

Articles Coming Soon

I plan on having a few tidbits to get this place rolling by next Saturday, the 27th. I know of two, maybe even three games I want to review. I want a few others, but we'll see.

Edit: It seems that I am just a little impatient and anxious. I plan on having the articles up a few days sooner.


Topicallo said...

I want to leave a couple suggestions for games to review. Whether you choose them or not, for whatever reason, it doens't matter with me. Just trying to help if you happen to need it.

I'm from New England, and I know a card game called Mage Warfare has a decent player base here. Also, I like the dice game Cosmic Wimpout, although I'm not sure on the status of the company that made it. I used to play the Megaman TCG, which somewhat recently ended production, and Wyvern, which didn't last long. Lastly, I have taken to play the Astral Masters online card game. It's free to try, and pretty cheap if you want to register. Anyway, those are my suggestions. I hope they help.

Charon said...

You, my friend rock. I love reader suggestions. You can look forward to seeing reviews on at least a few of these games. I have the card scans for all of the Wyvern cards, and an open minded gaming group.