Thursday, July 26, 2007


In life, as well as gaming, community is one of the most important thing there is. From the simple small group of friends to the massive online boards that bring together people from other nations, community brings together people of common interest so that things can be done.

Without community, many games would have failed within the first few months. This would be very sad indeed. Even if there is a community, if the members are not helpful or active, a game will flounder and possibly fail. It has happened before, and will undoubtedly happen again.

With that being said, I would like to inform you of my travels through the net and what I have witnessed.

I have only advertised this blog on three forums. The first was the Mystical Empire forum. The community there has gone into hiding, with only a few key members active online though they have their local gaming groups into the game hardcore.

The second forum I went to was that of the Call of Cthulhu CCG. I must say, this game intrigues me so. Like I said before, anything that is true to Lovecraft makes me drool. This community is large and helpful, and many of my readers come from there. I just hope activity picks up again soon, for they are nice and were very excited when I mentioned that I wanted to do an article for this blog about their game.

The third was the forum for The Spoils. Within just minutes of my first inquiry about the game I had a response. Ever since I have been an active member replying to posts, and getting so much support for both the game, and even my blog (thanks LucienofShadow). The thread has already reached three pages and is climbing.

I wish all of these games well, and want to let my readers know that community means a lot to the growth of a game. Get out there and show people why you are fanatical about the games you love!

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