Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Stuff Coming Soon.

Like I said in my last post, I have a lot of new material coming soon. I just thought I would tell some of you what is coming.

Recently there has been an explosion of people coming to the Diving Dragon Games website through the service. They show up and check out the Geek Fight page for about five seconds and vanish into the aether. I plan on doing something about that (other than fixing our forums). I am a game designer, and I think it is about time I do more of it. It is not like work is getting in the way anymore.

I am a big supporter of free games and whatnot, so I think I will make a few small games that will be free to download on the site. I don't think I should make it that easy though. Maybe allow players to grab them through the shop? How about from the shop on the forums? I don't know right now, I will sleep on it. Don't expect any RPGs though, there are a ton of them available on the web.

I am about to start tinkering around with my recording stuff. I hope to have my introductory podcast ready by Wednesday, but don't hold me to that. I have three handheld recorders, but I could go retro and use another one that I used to play with as a kid. I also just bought a mic for my laptop, so I could use that. Decisions. Oh well, my first few will not be anything spectacular anyhow.

What I do know about the podcast version of Under the Table Gaming is that I know my limits now. I will not try to make three game reviews a week. Hell, I won't even try to make one game review a week. What I will do is release one podcast a week where I talk about table top gaming in general, maybe let you in on some of the latest developments in Geek Fight, and then at either the beginning or the end of the month I will review a game. I have made contact with quite a few indie game developers like myself, so this will be much easier. I already have three games I can review (yes, Geek Fight is included in this).

If you are wondering what the hell Geek Fight is and why I keep mentioning it, it is the main reason I stopped posting here for so long. It was also inspired by some of the things I was doing here. It is my card game (the one I used to call Operation Publicity Stunt). I guess that will be my first game review. That means the game reviews come at the end of the month now.

Until Wednesday!

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