Tuesday, August 7, 2007


This little project was brought to my attention by LucienofShadow at the forum for The Spoils. All I can say is that it is very interesting.

What 4GXG means is that it is a game made for gamers by gamers. It is a collaboration project that wants to design a new CCG based on what the players want. The best part is, the more people that put in their two cents, the more unique the game can become.

As an amateur game designer, I love putting my ideas down and seeing them come to life. My big problem right now is that I have so many ideas that I like, but so few actually get used in the game that I have come up with. I want them to find a home. This could be that home. I would like to see them scampering around with a few of your ideas.

I am putting out an APB for all aspiring game designers, and even those that would just like to observe the process. Put in some input, get some feedback, that is what it is all about. The project is still in phase one, and that ends on Aug. 13th. So get out there and give it a shot! Did I mention there are cash prizes for the best submissions…

http://www.4gxg.com/ I hope to see many of you on the forums. Support your fellow gamers.


Pete said...

*chuckles* I was wondering how you met Lucien. I'm also a Spoils Player, but things being the way they are, it's hard to keep track of the forums.

-ShadowScythe (On both forums ;D)

Charon said...

Well, I love The Spoils, and you can be hearing more from me on both boards as well as here.