Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cosmic Wimpout

Cosmic Wimpout is a game that has been around for a long time. Some ofyou may have heard of it, or seen a memorable Cosmic Wimpout sticker,in it's dayglow colors, back in the day. Dating back to the 1970's,Cosmic Wimpout was very popular among followers of the band The Grateful Dead. There is a legend that The Grateful Dead asked Wimpout fans to stop stickering their tour bus. That being said, Wimpout is agame that anybody, in any walk of life, can get addicted to.

All that is required is a set of 5 special dice, which can bepurchased online in several places, and even some hobby and toystores. The dice have stars, lightning bolts, planets (or moons),pyramids, numbers, and the elusive 'flaming sun', to represent yourroll. The goal is simply to make scoring rolls, and be the first toreach a set goal. Now, that may seem a bit bland, but the game is anything but contrived. The unending fun of this game comes from it'scrazy rules, which can be changed at any time, because of the Guiding Light Rule (which states that any rule can be added or taken away atany time, so long as all players agree to the change).

For example, if you are lucky enough to roll 5 stars (or 6's), youautomatically win the game. However if you roll 5 10's, you've rolled a Supernova and automatically lose, because you've accumulated too many points. While these examples don't show up very often, You will always remember the first time you go Supernova right before you would have otherwise won. Or the time you automatically won on your first roll.

Cosmic Wimpout is one of those games that you can get everything youneed for $10, and will last you forever. I have yet to find a friendwho doesn't like the game, and my friends have a wide array of personalities. If you are interested in cheap, addicting games, check them out at .
Originally written by Topicallo.

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