Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ode To The Mystery Box

I don’t know why, but as long back as I can remember I have loved grab bags. Even before I opened my first booster pack I have loved the concept of getting something at random. I hope this does not mean I have a gambling addiction ;)

Well, a few months back I was browsing my local Super Wal-Mart looking in their gaming section when something caught my eye. There was a box that held over 500 randomly packaged trading cards. And when I say randomly packaged, I mean that they came from every game and trading card series imaginable. It was kinda sweet.

The box o’ loose cards contained complete decks for a couple of games, and even a complete collection of “The Making of Star Trek: The Next Generation” cards. Here is a list of card games/ collecting series:

Star Trek (multiple decks)
VS System (2 Decks)
Young Jedi (4 Decks)
Lord of the Rings (1 Deck)
Dragon Ball GT (1 Deck)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1 Deck)
Neopets (1Deck)

Making of Star Trek: The Next Generation (Compete Collection)

The other day I saw another one of these boxes, except instead of loose cards, it held 50 packs. Now the part of me that loves opening packs was drooling at this sight. Not only were the cards in the packs random, but the packs themselves came from random places as well. I guess it was a booster booster. Here is a rundown of the contents:

2x Zatch Bell! The Card Battle
9x Yu Yu Hakusho
1x Yu Yu Hakusho (Gateway Expansion)
1x Dragon Ball Z Senzu Blast 3 card
1x Dragon Ball Z Saiyan Saga Series
1x Dragon Ball GT Super 17 Saga
1x Kids Next Door TCG
3x Gundam M.S.War TCG
1x Bionicle Quest for the Masks
1x Dragon Booster TCG

2x Digimon Trading Cards
7x Dragon Ball Z Trading Cards
1x Robots Stickers
10x Anastasia Trading Cards
3x Boy Crazy Trading Cards
3x Wacky Packages
2x Garbage Pail Kids

Now, if you count the packs up, there are 49. That is because I did not include the most amazing thing I have found in a box of random things in a long time. An unopened pack of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trading cards circa 1990. It even came with 17 year old gum.

These boxes were only $9.99 each, and I am probably going to be buying more in the future. This gives me a lot of ammo for future articles, so I can start firing them out. If I have listed anything in the non-collectible items that you would like to buy, just shoot me an offer. I accept PayPal.

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